WeHeartCats: Our Favorite Cat Videos of 2014

If you have been paying any attention to social media and/or the news during the past week, you will have likely already heard of the remarkable video showing a cat saving a young boy from an aggressive dog. This is definitely one of our favorite stories and videos of the year so far. Just in […]

Reminder: Easter Lilies Are Poisonous To Cats!

Recently I visited my mother (age 71!), and noticed a beautiful Easter Lily plant sitting prominently on her dining room table. Although they were quite beautiful, I was surprised she had them in a place her two cats could easy reach. When I mentioned their toxicity to cats she was surprised, and said she didn’t […]

The Best Electronic Pet Feeders For Cats

As summer months approach, many of us start thinking about spending our weekends away. I know that in my house, we already have several weekend camping trips in the works. How to feed our older Maine Coon cat while away on these trips is an important concern for us when planning our trips. Hiring a […]