Black Friday Gifts for Cat Lovers!


We hope all our readers had a Happy Thanksgiving! Ours was lovely, and even our elderly Maine Coon enjoyed snuggling with family members on the sofa and a few pieces of turkey!

It’s “Black Friday” today, and we know many of you are getting started with holiday shopping today. We wanted to let you know that we recently added a new category of Gifts for Cat Lovers on our blog. We thought you might enjoy checking out these (often quite funny) gift selections for the cat lover in your life (or even yourself).  You can see our full selection here:

Gifts for Cat Lovers

And we also know that many of you pick up a gift or two for your feline companion at this time of year, so you also might want to check out our cat toy selections for your feline friend here as well:

Gifts for Cats

We wish you all a purr-fect holiday season!