Keeping Your Elderly Cat Warm During The Winter

Extreme-Weather-Kitty-PadYou may have already noticed that your cat has a special knack for finding warm and cozy places to nap in your home. However, during the winter months, this can become much more difficult. For elderly cats who suffer from arthritis, you may notice they become noticeably stiffer and suffer from more pain during the cold winter months.

The winter months do not have to be hard on your elderly cat. Our 15 year old Maine Coon loves to curl up in his favorite chair near our wood-burning fireplace during the winter months. In fact, I think in many ways he prefers the cozy winter months to the cooler spring ones, when we don’t have the fireplace going all day long.

Even if you don’t own a fireplace, there are several ways you can help keep your cat companion significantly warmer during the winter months. One of the best ways is with a heated cat bed or cat heating pad. There are several different kinds available commercially, including those that are semi-enclosed or the more common doughnut shaped ones. When selecting a model, you may want to choose one that resembles your cat’s existing sleeping bed or pad to make the transition a bit easier. However, keep their physical limitations in mind as well. For example, if you find your cat is too stiff to curl easily into a ball or has difficulty stepping over high edges, make sure the bed you choose doesn’t require that she does these things. You should also think about whether your cat would prefer a cave-like space where they can hide, or a more open design. There are also outdoor heated cat beds your can use for outdoor cats.

When selecting a cat bed you also need to make sure the brand you choose is a safe model to use for cats as well. It is not advisable to purchase heating pads not made specifically for cats, as these may get to hot and pose a safety risk. You should make sure the cat bed only heats to your cat’s body temperature and ideally, you should look for a model that will return to room temperature once the cat leaves the bed.

Other ways to create warmth during the winter for your cat might include installing a cat window perch on a window that gets sunlight during the winter months. Sometimes just opening up curtains or drapes so your cat can sit in the sun will help your cat be warmer during the winter. You should also pay attention to any drafts that may chill your cats eating area or favorite sleeping spot.

Getting your cat moving by using some of the fun, interactive cat toys currently on the market is another suggestion. This is particularly true if you are gone for much of the day, and are unable to play with your cat regularly.

Here are some great cat warming beds and pads that you may want to consider to help keep your feline friend warm this winter: