The Best Electronic Pet Feeders For Cats

As summer months approach, many of us start thinking about spending our weekends away. I know that in my house, we already have several weekend camping trips in the works. How to feed our older Maine Coon cat while away on these trips is an important concern for us when planning our trips. Hiring a […]

Homemade Kitty Treats

Making your own cat treats can help save you money over store bought versions, and also provide you peace of mind, since you will know exactly what ingredients they contain. Many store bought cat treats contain artificial dyes and flavoring. And if you want to use all organic ingredients you will be able to do […]

Keeping Your Elderly Cat Warm During The Winter

You may have already noticed that your cat has a special knack for finding warm and cozy places to nap in your home. However, during the winter months, this can become much more difficult. For elderly cats who suffer from arthritis, you may notice they become noticeably stiffer and suffer from more pain during the […]