What Are The Best Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Options?

For those of us who own indoor cats, finding an environmentally friendly cat litter option can be a challenging task. However, it is not a trivial one, as when you consider the environmental impact of cat litter on our environment. In fact, clay-based cat litter is having a significant impact on our environment, as much of it is acquired through the strip-mining of mountains and is causing serious problems in landfills. In addition, common cat litter isn’t even that healthy for you or your cats, as the silica dust found in it can cause serious respiratory problems in both cats and humans.

So what are your options then? Are there eco-friendly cat litter solutions that aren’t prohibitively expensive and are convenient to use as well? The answer fortunately is “yes”! There are some great options out there for those who are looking for environmentally friendly solutions.

sweatscoop1) Consider switching to a more eco-friendly form of cat litter

Instead of using clay based cat litter, there are a variety of different “green” cat litter choices that are biodegradable and made from sustainable sources.

Cat litters like Swheat Scoop are a great option and are generally not too expensive when compared to most clay based litter options.





2) Use a biodegradable cat litter pan or a cat pan made from recycled plastic

There are several manufacturers of recycled plastic cat litter pans, but you can also try switching to a 100% composting cat litter system like Litter One which relies on cardboard boxes and pine pellet litter.



3) Make your own biodegradable cat litter

This may seem especially ambitious, but if you are really looking to reduce your cat’s carbon footprint, it is probably the most sustainable way to go. And it may not be as hard as you think! Here is a short video showing you one easy option for creating your own cat litter using shredded newspapers:

(But try not to use paper towels, if you don’t have to – use a cloth or dishtowel instead!).

4) Keep Up to Date on New Eco Litter Varieties

There are new varieties of eco kitty litter coming to the market every year. Check out all of the current options we have listed here by visiting our page dedicated to environmentally friendly cat litter options!

Keep in mind that you may want to experiment with all these options to find out one that works best for you – and the environment!