Why Choose Organic Cat Food?

organicewetcatfoodIt is easy to understand the reasons why many people prefer using organic food in their diet, but for animals is it really necessary? Will feeding your cat organic cat food really make any difference? And is this really worth the cost of purchasing organic food, which is often considerably more expensive than regular cat food.

The answer for many cat owners appears to be yes. Sales of organic pet foods have surged in recent years. The benefits of feeding your cat organic food are many, and these benefits often well outweigh the expenses of paying a bit more for organic foods. In fact, organic foods may actually turn out to be more affordable, given the medical expenses that can be incurred when trying to treat health problems that may be aggravated by your cat eating non organic foods.

Some of the many benefits of organic cat food:

A reduction in skin irritations and allergic conditions. Organic cat foods will be made without any artificial colors or flavors, do not have toxic pesticides, and are free of chemical additives. If your cat has any sensitivity to these allergens, they may be eliminated by switching to organic cat foods.

A reduction in digestion problems. By relying on high quality protein sources and eliminating fillers and chemical additives, these foods are generally easier on your cat’s digestive system and can significantly reduce problems like gas and bloating.

An increase in energy and general vitality. Many cat owners comment on a noticeable difference they see in their cat’s behavior after switching over to organic cat food. Not only does their cat’s fur often look shinier and feel softer, but their eyes often look brighter and bad breath odor disappears. Cats on an organic diet often appear to have increased energy levels, and a better level of health overall.

Help with weight control. Because of the careful creation of these foods, organic cat food is generally more nutrient dense, meaning your cat will need to consume less to feel full. As with humans, overweight cats can suffer from a range of health problems, and an organic cat food diet can help them maintain a proper weight and stay healthy.

Although you may be paying more for organic cat foods over regular cat foods, as you can see, in the end organic foods may actually save you money and will also help your cat have a more healthy and happy life.

Here are some recommendations of high quality organic cat food that you can find here at We Heart Cats: